Any Body

Create an unusual way of capturing your baby's first presence or your toddler's uniqueness . But don't stop there.  I can cast ANY BODY. This personalized body casting will be a wonderful accent on any wall.

The Process:
An initial planning session will take place. This is where we will share ideas for your one of a kind finished torso. We will then set up an appointment to do the actual body casting in the comfort and privacy of your home or my studio.  The process will take approximately two hours.  After the casting has set the transformation begins. It will take up to two weeks to turn your body cast into a piece of art ready to hang anywhere.


About the Artist:
Olivia Fundy Wakefield

With parents who are both working artists, it is not surprising that I ended up in an art based career.  I have a background in stained glass, jewelry making, and photography. I am also trained as a color specialist and a strong sense of color is evident in my work.  

I am fascinated by the human form with all its various shapes and sizes. Totally Torsos is my way of combining the training and interests that I have with my enjoyment of people.  The result is a unique piece of art just for you.


Contact Me: In Nova Scotia, Canada
Electronic mail: fundy@totallytorsos.com


Webmaster: support@totallytorsos.com
Last modified: 1/13/06